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Category: Lifestyle

5 Unusual Things I do Everyday to Improve My Health


Stu: When asked about my line of work I’m always prepared for the questions that typically follow. Much like the personal trainer who’s routinely interrogated on the magic formula to achieve the illusive six pack, questions directed at me are usually focused around food and more specifically what to eat (or avoid) to achieve first-rate health. Read More…

Effective Strategies For Rheumatoid Arthritis


180 Nutrition: One of the most common inflammatory disorders is arthritis. Though there are over hundred types of arthritis, the most chronic of which is is rheumatoid arthritis (RA). From over-the-counter medicines to anti-inflammatory therapeutics to home remedies and more, there exists many ways to manage this disorder. However, to date there is no proven method Read More…

Why I Do Not Drink Tap Water


“Less than 10 countries worldwide fluoridate more than 50% of their water supplies – so why do we have it here in Australia?” Stu: Unless you live under a rock you probably know there’s an ongoing debate on whether we should be drinking our tap water (mainly because of fluoride). From dumbing our intelligence down through Read More…

A Clean And Tidy Kitchen Is Crucial For Your Family’s Health


Parents across Australia aim to feed their children a sound diet to boost their health and well-being, but if your kitchen isn’t up to scratch in terms of cleanliness, the risk to your family’s health could be significant. Tidiness is just one key factor in keeping injuries at bay. Did you know that over half of Read More…

A Naturopath’s Guide To Avoiding Constipation


Lynda: You feel bloated, congested, and maybe a little gassier than usual. You’ve spent the majority of the day trying to get some form of bowel movement happening so that you can have substantial relief, yet every trick under your belt fails dismally. You’re desperate and do not want another day of feeling toxic. Sound familiar? Read More…

What Happens To Your Body When You Don’t Exercise?


180 Nutrition: We all know that those who have regular exercise in their lives are generally in better condition, fitter, and healthier than those who don’t. That’s not to say that exercise is the only pillar to a healthy lifestyle because it’s not, it’s only one of the many elements required to achieve optimum health. There’s Read More…

5 Ways To Reduce Your Hangover During The Festive Season


Whether you enjoy a beverage or two or not, it’s safe to say most people will be drinking a little more alcohol than usual during Christmas and New Year. So if you are bracing yourself for impact when it comes to a few hangovers, why not embrace a few tactics to help damage control? Here Read More…

Key Nutrients To Alleviate the Symptoms of Anxiety


180 Nutrition: It has been estimated that in any given year, 2 million adults in Australia have an anxiety disorder. Symptoms of an anxiety disorder include a racing heart, shaking, being unable to relax, persistent worry, difficulty sleeping, and being unable to control one’s worries. Many individuals with anxiety are also prone to panic attacks. These are sudden, short (about Read More…

Frozen Food is as Nutritious as Fresh Produce


180 Nutrition: Eating frozen food is as healthy as consuming fresh fruits and vegetables. A study by Li et al compared the nutrient content of fresh produce and frozen fruits & vegetables. In their analyses, there was no significant differences in the vitamin content of fresh-stored produce and frozen food. The latter often outperformed fresh-stored products in cases where Read More…

How You Can Eat Your Way To Healthier Hair


180 Nutrition: Is your hair taking forever to grow, or in such poor condition that you no longer have the confidence to ‘let your hair down’? Have you ever found yourself avoiding story-time because you can’t face Rapunzel and her luscious locks? OK, you see where I’m going with this…! When faced with hair that’s Read More…

Can Your Diet Influence Your Financial Future?


180 Nutrition: Among Australian adults, one study found that “61.8% of women and 66.8% of men surveyed worry moderately to frequently about [future] work,” among many other life factors. To ensure success in one’s finances and health, many people turn to education, self-help books, financial planners, and other expert sources. However, did you know that your diet is Read More…

The Negative Effects of Technology on Our Lives


180 Nutrition: Modern technology has interrupted every aspect of our lives and, despite the numerous benefits it brings to our existence, it is also influencing our eating habits, wreaking havoc with our health.  Continued exposure to computers, tablets, smartphones, iPods, televisions and other technologies can be of great detriment to our existences according to research discussed Read More…

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