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Category: Lifestyle

The Truth About Exercise In Pregnancy


Anna: There is a lot of confusion around exercise in pregnancy. Some women don’t know what is safe so avoid exercise altogether, while others carry on doing what they did pre-pregnancy. Neither is the right answer! This blog will shed light on the truth about exercise in pregnancy so that you can stay fit & strong Read More…

How To Make The Perfect Smoothie Bowl


Stu: Smoothies and smoothie bowls aren’t really aren’t rocket science, but it can be confusing making them without a recipe, especially if you’re just getting into adding them to your morning routine. This step-by-step guide by @wayofliving_by_lynn outlines how to make the PERFECT smoothie bowl every time. You’ll be able to start your day the Read More…

Our Most Popular Recipes For Those At Home


Stu: Many of us are now working from home and have the luxury of a kitchen at our disposal. This means we can pull out the blender, raid the pantry or use the oven throughout the day instead of having to reply on high street convenience food options. With this in mind, here are our Read More…

6 Exercises You Can Do at Home to Stay in Shape


180 Nutrition:  There are a huge number of bodyweight exercises that can be performed in the comfort of your own space if you’re working from home or can’t get to gym. To help you start, here are some of the best exercises that you can build into your daily routine that effectively work the major Read More…

Try This Simple Breathing Exercise To Reduce Anxiety


In times of stress or when we are feeling anxious, we tend to take rapid, shallow breaths that come directly from the chest. This type of breathing is commonly referred to as thoracic or chest breathing. This way of breathing can result in increased heart rate, dizziness or other physical sensations. It is a sign Read More…

2 Things That Radically Improved My Gut Health


Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past 5 years you would have heard the term ‘gut health’ being discussed by everyone from medical professions and wellness advocates to celebrity chefs and social media influencers. It seems that our gut – or at least the bacteria in our gut – directly influence a Read More…

6 Tips To Get The Body You Want, Naturally!


Stu: I’m excited to welcome Martin Silva onboard as an ambassador for 180 Nutrition. But before we get into his article I would invite you to jump into Google, and just type in ‘Martin Silva fitness‘ and hit the Google image button… Surprised? I was, and I look at this level of body composition as Read More…

5 Reasons Why ‘Health-Focussed’ New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work


180 Nutrition: So here we are; 2020 is upon us, and as we settle into life post-holidays we’re all in a desperate bid to undo some of the damage we did to our bodies over the festive period! If you’re like most of the population (read normal!) you’ll now be feeling overtired, sluggish, and will Read More…

Getting the Most Out of Your Workout Recovery Meal


One of the best priorities in life should be living healthy. This means getting yourself checked by a doctor on a regular basis, consuming the right amount of nutrients in your diet, and getting into shape. Experts recommend getting at least three sessions of exercise in a week, lasting around 30 minutes for each. Jogging, Read More…

What Are The Symptoms and Side-Effects of Tobacco Use?


But what exactly happens to the human body when we use tobacco year after year? Well, comprehensive studies tell us that more than 480.000 people in the US die every year from consequences directly linked to smoking. Plus, more than 41.000 die from the effects of the so-called secondhand smoke. Do you still think smoking Read More…

4 Healthy Tips on How to Not Put Weight on this Christmas!


Most Australians can relate to increasing the link on their belt buckle when the New Year rolls around. On average Australians gain 0.8-1.5kg over the Christmas period. For many of us a change in routine and a few more social activities can sometimes throw a spanner in the works when it comes to balanced eating. Read More…

5 Ways To Reduce Your Hangover During The Festive Season


Whether you enjoy a beverage or two or not, it’s safe to say most people will be drinking a little more alcohol than usual during Christmas and New Year. So if you are bracing yourself for impact when it comes to a few hangovers, why not embrace a few tactics to help damage control? Here Read More…

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