Benefits of Natural Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder over Grain Fed

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If you are taking steps to increase your health and level of fitness, it really does pay to do your research. Natural grass fed protein powder is at a clear advantage over the competition, which includes products that come from grain fed cows.

Whey protein that comes from exclusively pasture fed cows gives your body the best possible bang for your buck. Pasture fed cows have a CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) content that is five times over that of grain fed animals. CLA is a good fat that studies have linked to preventing cancer. They are GMO free, chemical and hormone treatment free. It is not the so-called next big thing. It is the real deal!

Not all whey protein is the same. The truth is, not only are the building blocks of grass fed whey protein products superior, the processing is of a higher quality. The whey protein isolate (WPI) we use in the ingredients of 180 Natural Protein Superfood is grass fed instantised whey protein isolate. It is manufactured by cross flow micro-filtration (MF) and ultra-filtration (UF). Micro-filtration naturally isolates undenatured protein, providing a MF whey protein isolate (WPI) product that is low in fat, high in protein and very low lactose. The WPI whey protein isolate is an undenatured, soluble whey protein with excellent nutritive value, making it a great choice of WPI for our 180 natural protein superfood.

Why Grain Fed is not the Best Choice

Cows were not designed to consume vast quantities of corn or animal by-products. Cows are meant to eat grass. Corn feed cows become sick and are feed antibiotics and also given hormones to grow faster.

Grass Fed Cows are Healthier

It is important to start with quality ingredients when you want to build muscles and increase your health. The overall health make-up of free-range cows is completely different. Cows that are allowed to roam fields and eat grass are a lot healthier. Everything that is then generated from these cows is healthier.

The Main Advantages of Grass Fed

Natural free-range cow products are full of abundant nutrients. This is then passed on all the products produced including grass fed protein.

Finding a Reliable Source of Natural Grass Fed Protein

It can be difficult to find a source of protein that is entirely free from all the artificial additives, fillers, thickeners and sugars. Take a close look at the ingredient list of the product you choose. Natural ingredients will do a much better job at assisting your digestive system and keeping your metabolic rate high. Discover the difference for yourself with a quality product like 180 Nutrition Superfood. Your body will thank you.

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