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Angela: Our wonderful ambassador Angeline Norton talks about it all. I love her recipes and views on nutrition. She’s always inspiring me, I’m sure she will inspire you too! Learn about nourishing your body while pregnant and dealing with those junk food cravings.

Angeline: Initially I was very anxious about the changes my body was going to go through while being pregnant. You hear so many stories of extreme weight gain and stretch marks etc but I’ve really learned to embrace the journey and I feel very lucky to be able to go through this process as many women can’t. So I do feel very blessed.

Roller Coaster of the First Trimester

The first trimester was a bit of a roller coaster for me as I had terrible morning sickness pretty much all day for about 7 weeks so it was a testing time taking my clients through personal training sessions! While they’re backs were turned or they were doing push ups I was doing deep breathing trying to keep myself together but you do get through it!

My eating was far from perfect and I did go on a bit of a junk food binge as it was the only thing that made me feel marginally better for a short period of time! Everyone knows greasy or sugary food makes you feel better when your hungover and I felt hungover all the time so reached for anything naughty that got me through a few hours at the office. But in saying that I still did keep track of what was going in my mouth and if I felt I overindulged during the day then I would make sure I’d have something nutritional in the evening like a 180 Nutrition smoothie to counter balance my not so perfect eating during the day and I always made sure I took my pregnancy supplements.

Putting on Weight

I can understand why some women put on a lot of a weight during pregnancy as it’s easy to feel unmotivated because your putting on baby weight and you don’t have a goal such as getting into that dress for a particular event or going on that holiday to look good in a bikini but it is important once your morning sickness passes to get back on track with your healthy eating and to keep up the exercise because for me it’s what makes me feel good and also what keeps me sane and it’s also important for your baby to get all the right nutrients it’s needs to grow healthy.

It did take a few weeks to break the sugar cycle as bad habits did form again but once I had my energy back and the nausea passed it was time to say to goodbye to the all day treats!

Pregnancy Guidelines

I must admit I haven’t adhered to the strict guidelines given to pregnant women in regards to what they’re suppose to avoid as my cravings have included raw fish and cheese! But my doctor said as long as it’s from a reputable restaurant and not a shopping centre sushi stall then I’m fine and I do believe you can get a little carried away with all the restrictions. As long as I felt I was having good quality food i didn’t think I was doing anything wrong. What do French and Japanese women do while pregnant I’m sure they have lots of raw fish and cheese in their diets!

Exercise in Pregnancy

In regards to exercise I have pulled back quite a lot with my weight training doing lighter weights and higher reps and focusing more on compound exercises and full body body workouts rather than split programs with separate muscle groups and have found classes to be fantastic as I have lacked a little motivation and they get me through the workout and keep me motivated in particular BodyPump and Spin!

I’m over the half way mark in my pregnancy and growing more every day! I track my food and if I feel like a little treat every now and again then I just make sure I count it in with my protein, fats and carbs for the day. It means there is no guilt and I feel like I’m staying on track.

Typical Day’s Food

healthy food diary

My morning starts pretty early with training clients so I normally have a slice of rice chia toast and almond butter to keep me going and then I’ll have a 180 Nutrition smoothie (1) after my morning clients on my way to the office to make sure I get a good source of protein in the morning.

Lunch normally consists of left over dinner from the night before so I always make sure I make enough to last me a few lunches which makes prepping so much easier. Lamb shanks (2), slow cooked meats, homemade Mexican style mince, bolognese and chicken stir fries make great lunches the next days as the flavours are a little more developed and so tasty!

I tend to have a smaller dinner and love to make usually unhealthy meals more nutritious like my homemade burgers (3) or healthy fish and sweet potato chips!

I do love a good snack in between meals and now I’m pregnant I can’t do without them as they keep me going when the 3pm cravings kick in! I’m loving chia puddings (4) at the moment and like to mix it up by adding different low fructose fruits like kiwi and passionfruit.

Also if I know my eating hasn’t been the best or I’ve had a little splurge I always resort back to my 180 shake (5) and go easy on the carbs and fats then I don’t feel as guilty and know I’m back on track.


I’m getting married 6 months after having the baby so that’s what keeps me motivated to stay fit and healthy during my pregnancy as the more I do now, the easier it will be afterwards .

Living a fit and healthy lifestyle is part of my life so it only seems natural for me to keep this lifestyle up while pregnant and if I can role model that you can still stay on top of your health and fitness goals while pregnant well then that just inspires me even more!

Angeline x

You can follow Angeline at Foodie Fitness Girl.

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