Brownie Beauty Bites

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beauty brownie bites

Stu: Big thanks to Melanie Delanie (@melanie_delaine) for this fantastic recipe, in her words … “The perfect little sweet snack that your skin will thank you for! Using 180 Nutrition’s new collagen powder which supports skin health, cacao powder; a rich source of antioxidants to reduce inflammation and produces radiant skin, and walnuts; a good source of fats to aid in absorbing moisture and producing dewy skin”.



  1. Combine wet ingredients in a small bowl
  2. Blitz walnuts in a blender till finely chopped
  3. Add dry ingredients
  4. Stir hard to combine into thick batter
  5. Refrigerate for 15-30 mins
  6. Roll into balls and keep refrigerated
  7. Makes 14 – can be made smaller

These are so quick and simple to put together and actually taste like brownie batter! I’ve been trying to put together a recipe for bliss balls without dates for quite some time, as I find that dates are the number 1 thing that upsets my digestion for me, so I can confidently say I nailed the texture/consistency of these!

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