The Oh So Simple 180 Breakfast Smoothie

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Alexx: This smoothie is so, so simple it’s actually crazy. I’ve added a few optional produce soup ups. You don’t need to include them into the smoothie every day and can just keep to the core bare bones recipe –  just think about your overall day and if veggies or berries are looking light on in your day for whatever reason, this smoothie is the perfect time to add them in as your ‘insurance’ top up of produce.


Suggested micronutrient soup ups?

  • A tsp of their GREENS PLUS powder which is packed with vegetables, chlorella, blueberry, acai, goji, spirulina… All that great health insurance super food stuff!
  • A handful of fresh or frozen baby spinach
  • A handful of frozen or fresh berries
  • A handful of parsley
  • A tsp of either cinnamon, vanilla powders or both
  • A tsp chai spices – YUMMY variation!
  • A tsp honey (handy if you’re transitioning ultra sweet teeth people off processed options to give that little hint of something familiar)

Note: If you like a cooler temperature smoothie, add 6 ice cubes. You don’t want brain freeze material as the Chinese would say that messes with your CHI, but if you just don’t want it to be room temperature, then a few ice cubes is a great option.


  1. Blend all ingredients together for a minute on high in your blender or multi cook type processor.
  2. Job done. Pour and enjoy!
  3. Serves 2 or 1 adult and 2 small kids

Big thanks to Alexx for this recipe.
Start adding the 180 Superfood goodness into your diet today

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