2 Minute Gems: Simple. Avoid Soy Milk Now.

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By Guy Lawrence

Soy milk is touted as healthy by many. If you drink soy milk or know someone who does, I’d highly recommend you watch this short two minute video. Personally I don’t drink soy milk, and we wanted to get Naturopath Tania Flack’s thoughts on soy milk herself.

You can watch the Full Tania Flack Interview on Food Intolerances here.


If you would like to know more of my thoughts on soy milk, click here.

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Do you agree with Tania? Do you drink soy milk? Or have you quit soy milk & noticed the health benefits? Love to hear your thoughts below… Guy

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1 Reply to “2 Minute Gems: Simple. Avoid Soy Milk Now.”
Tania Flack says:

There are so many differing opinions about soy. Traditionally soy is consumed in a diet rich in phyto nutrients and usually it is fermented. When soy beans are turned into soy milk a world of processing occurs. Almond milk is a great alternative and is incredibly easy to make yourself at home (which avoids all of those additives) it has a natural sweetness which is hard to beat. Other alternatives for nut sensitive people are coconut milk – delicious!

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