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How to lose body fat at any age

Content by: Guy Lawrence


Eat FreshBy Guy Lawrence.

There are many reasons why we feel we are stuck with being overweight and are unable to lose body fat, especially as we get older. For many people, they have been overweight for so many years, they feel that this how it’s meant to be and believe they will never lose any body fat!

I consistently here people say they have tried everything and are doomed to be fat, but I truly feel that with a deeper understanding of the daily choices we make around foods and exercise, anything is possible. It just takes a different approach and a relearning of some habits that can be hard to break.

Simple ways to lose body fat

Just like an article in the Sun Times said recently:- “So don’t give up if you feel that you are unable to lose weight.  There are just more things for you to learn.  They are not difficult, you just must learn them if you are to lose weight. In the meantime, even though I don’t know you’re unique genetic type, here are a few general diet tips:

Eat whole foods. Your body does not need the chemicals found in processed foods.  You need a clean diet – one that your body can deal with.

Get plenty of natural fiber. Your body will be able to lose weight with fiber.  Americans do not get anywhere near enough.

Do not eat high glycemic foods that will spike your blood sugar. The only way to lose that excess fat is by eating low glycemic foods.

You must get your protein. Proteins are the building blocks of the body, both for building and repair – you must get good quality protein daily.

Get your Omega 3’s as well as your essential fatty acids every day. I know that people ate low fat or fat free for years, but did our weight go down?  No, it went up, and not just a little – a lot.  You do need your essential oils and your Omega 3’s.”

No matter what age you are, if you were to start applying these simplistic things that are mentioned here, along with some basic exercises, you will begin to lose body fat and improve your health.

This is why I recommend 180 Natural Protein Super Food to people in their daily diet. As you will be taking greater steps to losing body fat and eating the way nature intended.

Guy Lawrence

This article is brought to you by Guy Lawrence. Guy is a qualified fitness trainer with over 10 years of experience in the health industry. Guy worked at the UTS Fitness Centre in Sydney Australia where he specialised in exercise nutrition and obtained his Certificate in Exercise Nutrition and Certified... Read More
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