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180 Nutrition Competition


We are very excited to say we are about to officially release our all natural 180 Superfood protein Bars! Complete natural goodness that comes in a convenient, pop in your pocket protein bar with no hidden ingredients!

So for a bit of fun we thought we’d rally up some prizes together for a giveaway.

What can you win? You get all the goodies listed below:

Skins – Wheat Bags – T-Shirts – Kettlebell Pack – 180 Superfood Bars. I’d like to say there’s a round the world trip for two as well, but Qantas wouldn’t play ball!

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This home fitness pack will allow you to:

Put on a pair of fancy skins … 

SKINS 400 Series is the only high performance apparel to take into account compression levels needed to increase oxygen delivery to active muscles while in motion.

I have a pair of these and I practically live in them! – (I can vouch for this statement – Stu)

You can learn more about Skins here…

… then slip into our fancy new t-shirt …

180 T-ShirtDo you have a drawer full of t-shirts, yet find yourself wearing your same old favourite one that you’ve worn to death?

Well I do & I wanted to get that same feeling for the 180 t-shirt.

You won’t get a comfier t-shirt to train in or kick around in with a pair of jeans…

… now you’re looking fancy, swing your shiny new kettlebell …

kettlebell packWant to perfect your KettleBell swing? This KettleBell Starter Pack from Australian Institute of KettleBell will get you up and running in no time. Packed with workouts that can be done in under 10 minutes, but enough to learn to keep you swinging all day! A must for any kettlebell enthusiast.

Learn more about Australian Institute of KettleBell here…

… now chow down on a few superfood bars to nourish your body …

Superfood BarsHave you tried our all natural protein bars yet? The only bar on the market free of all chemicals, preservatives and that is actually good for you.

A box of coconut & chocolate (cocoa) protein bars are up for grabs. 20 protein bars in total. You can learn more about  our all natural protein bars here…

… and soothe your aching body with an awesome wheat bag.

Win a wheat bagAching muscles? Meet your new friend.
Wheat Bags can be used as heat packs that are heated in the microwave or as cold packs that are kept in the freezer. Wheat Bags easily mould to the contour of the area being treated. It then distributes this stored heat or cold evenly and effectively.

You can learn more about Australian Wheat Bags here…

So all you need to do is this:

Simply click the big orange button below, enter your details to go into the draw. Not rocket science I know but it makes it easier for us this end too 🙂 If you want to double your chances then feel free to click the Facebook ‘like’ icon below.

The competition closes at 12pm Sydney time on July 31st 2012 and the winner will be notified by email, good luck! (Open to Australian residents only).

Enter our competition here


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Guy Lawrence

This article is brought to you by Guy Lawrence. Guy is a qualified fitness trainer with over 10 years of experience in the health industry. Guy worked at the UTS Fitness Centre in Sydney Australia where he specialised in exercise nutrition and obtained his Certificate in Exercise Nutrition and Certified... Read More

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Lindsey Grenet says:

Great competition! Cheers.

Tracey Thompson says:

Hope im very lucky in winning this great competion , great products too !!!

kerry santillo (@Gherkkerry) says:

thanks xx

Alice says:

Wow, what an excellent competition! Great opportunity to get moving and try the new protein bars! Thanks.

Julia says:

Wow – terrific comp. Thank you so much!

Tammy says:

Terrific comp. Your products are fantastic.. Look forward to trying the new bars…

180nps says:

Thanks guys for the comments… There’s been a great response 🙂

Kat says:

Plenty of goodies here, Cheers guys 🙂 Am i allowed to mention hope i win, lol.

Rose k says:

Great giveaway – I can only hope – fingers crossed.

Jan says:

Great competition, Sarah Wilson has only great things to say about you guys. Would love to win and kick start the quittingof sugar for good. cheers


What a fabulous giveaway for your readers. You guys rock and I look forward to working closely with you !! Congrats to Kenward!!!!


PS: Well done to you lovely peeps for your creative video too!!!

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