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Category: Exercise

How Exercising Regularly With Your Children Will Help Them To Become Healthier Adults


  180 Nutrition: OK parents, hands up whose gym class, 45-minute run, or swim in the ocean is your time for peace and quiet and to get some you-time? I know, I feel the same! Before the kids get up and the madness of the day starts, the first thing I do is head out to Read More…

The Unexpected Health Benefits of Exercise


180 Nutrition: Around 65.3% of Australians aged 15 and over are sedentary, according to the most recent statistics offered by the Heart Foundation. The prevalence of sedentarism increases with age, with 20.1% of people aged 15 to 17 not getting enough exercise, compared to 34.8 of those aged 45 to 54. These statistics exist despite public Read More…

What Should I Eat Before A Workout?


180 Nutrition: One of the most common questions that we get asked is ‘what should I eat before a workout’? Unfortunately, without knowing you, your training regime, your lifestyle, your food intolerances and your medical history it’s impossible to give a definitive answer on that. Everybody is completely different, and something that might work for one Read More…

4 Yin Yoga Poses To Prevent Sleepless Nights


Lynda: It’s 11pm and the mind is still active and alert. You have a big day ahead of you and you know how important sleep is for your overall health and function but the anticipation and panic of another sleepless night is only amplifying the problem. Why not try a short Yin Yoga sequence before bed? Read More…

Six Tips to Avoid CrossFit Injuries And Stay on Your Workout Game


CrossFit has probably provided you an exposure to complex bodyweight & lifting techniques. In fact, CrossFit has presented a model that you can potentially be an ideal vehicle about how you can learn excellent endurance-testing training protocols. These endurance-testing, training techniques will subsequently help you build muscle and burn excess fat. However, this modern evolution Read More…

What Happens To Your Body When You Don’t Exercise? Nine Health Reasons To Move Your Body Every Day


180 Nutrition: We all know that those who have regular exercise in their lives are generally in better condition, fitter, and healthier than those who don’t. That’s not to say that exercise is the only pillar to a healthy lifestyle because it’s not, it’s only one of the many elements required to achieve optimum health. There’s Read More…

The Six Hidden Benefits Of Organic Hemp Protein Powder.


If you’re a regular at the health food shop, you’ll have undoubtedly noticed that hemp-based products are moving further up the shelves and becoming front and centre among many organic goods. Whether it’s in the form of hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, or hemp toiletries; the use of hemp is increasing in popularity and because Read More…

3 Reasons Why Your Strength Program Isn’t Working


Stu: This week we chat to strength and conditioning expert Kriss Hendy on the main reasons that you may not be experiencing gains with your program. Kriss outlines the reasons in 3 easy steps, so let’s jump straight into them… 1. Diverting from your goal Unfortunately we often get sidetracked when it comes to strength Read More…

Five Ways To Make Exercise A Habit So That You Never Miss Another Session


180 Nutrition: Whether you like to get up and get your exercise done, or you prefer to make movement the last thing on your daily to-do list, the fact is that before exercise slots naturally into your routine, you have to make it a habit, and creating new habits can be a challenge. Reasons for missing Read More…

Take the break. Three Ways Adequate Rest Helps To Promote Muscle Growth, And What To Do Instead


180 Nutrition: There’s still a certain stigma attached to a healthy exercise regime that your training should be constant. That if you’re not in the gym lifting weights three times a day that you’re just not doing it right. It’s important to move your body every day but did you know that your rest days Read More…

What's The Best Exercise For Me? 4 Things To Consider Before Starting A New Workout Program


180 Nutrition: When you first start a new exercise regime, choosing the right program for you will make a significant difference between creating a routine you can stick to long-term, and starting one which is over before your new runners have even made it out of the box! Each area of exercise has its advocates Read More…

Putting ON Weight; Eight Ways To Gain Weight Healthily, Starting Today


180 Nutrition: With obesity on the rise throughout Western society, we are all very much aware of the health problems that are caused by being overweight. Heart disease, clogged arteries, risk of stroke and other chronic illness are all at the forefront of our minds as far as our weight is concerned, and the battle to Read More…

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