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Category: Weight Loss

4 Healthy Tips on How to Not Put Weight on this Christmas!


Most Australians can relate to increasing the link on their belt buckle when the New Year rolls around. On average Australians gain 0.8-1.5kg over the Christmas period. For many of us a change in routine and a few more social activities can sometimes throw a spanner in the works when it comes to balanced eating. Read More…

Can I Eat Honey and Agave Syrup if I am Trying to Lose Body Fat?

Weight Loss

‘For all but the last few hundred years (a heartbeat on the genetic evolution time scale), really sweet foods have been difficult to find.’ – David Gillespie Sugar… It’s a delicate topic. Unless you’ve been living in a cave lately, you will know that sugar has been copping a lot of flack from the media Read More…

How Lack of Sleep is Making You Gain Weight


180 Nutrition: You’re following your nutrition plan to the letter, you’re working out as directed, yet the scales just aren’t dropping the digits. Sound familiar? If so, before you get defeated and go back to the couch and biscuits, ask yourself this question: Are You Getting Enough Sleep? By enough sleep, I don’t mean crashing for Read More…

Why dieting NEVER works and leads to weight gain and health problems


180 Nutrition: Anyone who’s ever spent any time with us knows that ‘diet’ and ‘dieting’ are words that are banished from our vocabulary. From thorough research and first-hand experience, we know that good health starts from the inside and works its way out, and this covers so much more than the number on the scales. Every Read More…

How To Spot Hidden Sugar – What The Supermarkets Don’t Want You To Know


180 Nutrition: In March of 2015, the World Health Organisation* recommended that adults consume no more than an average of 25g of sugar per day as part of a balanced diet. Over time, a diet which contains excess sugar leads to weight gain, tooth decay, diabetes, an increase in inflammation in the gut, and the list Read More…

Dr Michael Mosley: Fasting, Reversing Diabetes, Moving More & Exercising Less

180 TV

The above video is 3:13 minutes long. Watch the full interview below or listen to the full episode on your iPhone HERE. Guy: This week we catch up with BBC journalist Dr Michael Mosley. In the above video, he shares with us his discoveries when it comes to exercise, calorie counting and why it’s not the best approach Read More…

Best Breakfast for Weight Loss


Picking the perfect meal for breakfast can be a daunting task. Some people do not feel like eating in the morning while others wake up ready to eat. If you feel like you fit into either of these categories and weight loss is your goal, we may have a solution to you. You may benefit Read More…

How I Lost 30 Kgs And Kept It Off For 4 Years

Weight Loss

Stu: I recently received an email from an enthusiastic guy who wanted to share his weight loss journey to help our community drop some pounds and skyrocket their health. After reading more about his methods and progress I thought his honesty and approach would definitely give inspiration to others, over to Danyon… Danyon: In this Read More…

I’m on a Weight Loss Plan, Should I Eat Fruit?

Weight Loss

Sometimes, short stories help to paint the picture, so here I go… one fine Saturday morning at our local cafe in Coogee after a very enjoyable ocean swim… Friend: May I get the muesli fruit salad and a freshly squeezed apple juice please… Me: Uh?? What happened to the big brekkie and long black you always order? Friend: Read More…

6 Detoxing Habits To Add To Your Daily Routine, Which Won’t Break The Bank


180 Nutrition: Detoxing is one of the many bones of contention in the health and wellness industry. Some say that the role of the kidneys, lungs and liver is to flush out unwanted toxins and we should just let our bodies do what they’re designed to do. The opposing corner argues that regular exposure to chemicals Read More…

Why Constipation Can Prevent Weight Loss


Lynda: If you have not read my article on why moving your bowels regularly is important. I suggest you start right there: 5 Reasons Why Constipation is Affecting Your Health Did you know that sluggish bowel movements can get in the way of losing weight? Yes you heard right. Not going to the loo regularly for Read More…

Darya Rose: How I Gave Up Chronic Dieting & Changed My Relationship With Food

180 TV

Watch the full interview below or listen to the full episode on your iPhone HERE. Guy:  This week we welcome to the show Darya Rose of  Summer Tomato. She has a PhD in neuroscience and she is also the author of her book called ‘Foodist’. We get Darya on the show today to share a little bit about her Read More…

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