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Our Resourceful Guide To Staying Safe & Healthy During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Stu: So here we are, watching the news and following our favourite internet feeds as the Coronavirus pandemic unfolds. In light of this we wanted to update you with what we’re doing to stay healthy and also how this situation could impact our customers. As a side note, if you’ve been a fan of 180 Read More…

Useful Coronavirus Resources


As we continue into unchartered territory with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we’ve complied a list of useful resources in article, audio and video format. It should help to inform you with the very latest information together with the thoughts and suggestions from experts in their respective industries. Articles: World Health Organisation (WHO) Coronavirus Overview – WHO: Read More…

4 Strategies to Boost Your Immunity This Flu Season


It seems that the whole world is caught up in the midst of the flu epidemic as face masks and toilet paper become rarer than four-leaf clovers. If you’re looking for ways to stay healthy and prevent colds and flu your first step should be to optimise your immune system starting with the strategies below… Read More…

Easy Meal Replacement Smoothie


Angela: Smoothie meal replacements are good if you want to lose weight or simply need a meal to go, the key is plenty of good fats. We’ve included coconut oil, milk, avocado and 180 Protein Superfood to fuel your brain, balance blood sugar levels and burn fat. We have also included plenty of leafy green vegetables as they are so important to improve overall health. Read More…

Healthy Snacks – Chocolate Salty Balls


By 180 Nutrition Angela: These protein balls are my new favourite. They are paleo, gluten free, raw and vegan friendly. How good is that! This awesome recipe is from our friends the Mental Foodies… over to KT and Ash: Ingredients 3 scoops of 180 protein Superfood chocolate 3 tbsp. raw cacao 3 tbsp. melted coconut oil 3 Read More…

How I lost 20kg in 6 months


By Guy Lawrence Guy: I love hearing stories that inspire me, so I wanted to share Nicole Newman’s story for anyone who is struggling with their weight. Having never met her I first received an email from Nicole about six months ago, and below are some snippets from that email so you can get the Read More…

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