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Category: 2 Minute Gems

Rohan Anderson: From a Corporate Lifestyle to Living off the Grid

180 TV

You can also listen to the full episode on your iPhone HERE via iTunes. Guy: For this week’s podcast episode, we decided to record it in audio only, as our guest lives in a remote part of Australia and we didn’t want to take the chance with internet quality. By doing this we are able to deliver great audio Read More…

Jimmy Moore: Eat This One Thing to Keep Your Brain Healthy

2 Minute Gems

The video above is 1:37sec long. Do you ever get those days when it feels like your brain just ain’t firing! Or there’s foggy fuzz and you just can’t think straight…. Well if this is you, then take 1 minute 37seconds out of your day and watch the above video. In this short clip, best selling Read More…

2 Minute Gems: Calorie Myths. Energy In Vs Energy Out Is Wrong!

2 Minute Gems

[ebook] By Guy Lawrence Do we really need to count calories for weight loss? We chat with Professor Grant Schofield about our experiences with counting calories, and why we think the energy in vs energy out theory is wrong. You can watch the full Professor Grant Schofield interview: Fat, Calories, Exercise & The Heart Foundation   Grant Read More…

Avoid these two foods and change your energy and health forever! 2 Minute Gem with Tim Noakes

2 Minute Gems

By Guy Lawrence When it comes to sports and exercise science, running legend Professor Tim Noakes is the man! In this short video, he tells us that ditching just these two foods alone has dramatically improved his energy, health and doesn’t get sick any more… Awesome! You can watch the full Professor Tim Noakes interview: Read More…

Learn How to get the Body Into Fat Burning Mode Naturally.

2 Minute Gems

By Guy Lawrence This is a MUST watch if you are following a low fat diet. When it comes to understanding fat, best-selling author of ‘The Fat Revolution’ Christine Cronau knows her stuff! Watching this video may well change the way you think about fat forever! You can watch the full Christine Cronau interview: The Read More…

High Cholesterol is not the Problem, Inflammation is, with Jimmy Moore

2 Minute Gems

By Guy Lawrence Are you worried about high cholesterol? Jimmy Moore, author of his brand new book ‘Cholesterol Clarity’, tells us why high cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease and inflammation is! This is a must watch if you have high cholesterol or now anyone who has! You can watch the full Jimmy Read More…

Supreme health is only ONE CHANGE away! 2 Minutes with Dave Asprey

2 Minute Gems

By Guy Lawrence We ask Dave Asprey (aka The Bullet Proof Executive), what would be the one single piece of advice you would give someone for optimum health/wellness. This is a must as it’s not what you think it’s going to be! You can watch the full Dave Asprey: The Bullet Proof Executive interview here. Read More…

Improve Your Performance with secret Carbs: 2 Minute Gem with Chad Mackay

2 Minute Gems

// By Guy Lawrence When it comes to elite athletic performance, there are those who say we must carb load and eat grains for energy, then there are those who don’t eat grains (especially since the paleo diet became popular) and don’t carb’ load for days before an event. We ask 180 Ambassador and elite Read More…

2 Minute Gems: Simple. Avoid Soy Milk Now.

2 Minute Gems

By Guy Lawrence Soy milk is touted as healthy by many. If you drink soy milk or know someone who does, I’d highly recommend you watch this short two minute video. Personally I don’t drink soy milk, and we wanted to get Naturopath Tania Flack’s thoughts on soy milk herself. You can watch the Full Read More…

2 Minute Gems: Mobile phone warning! Information the telcos do not want you to know

2 Minute Gems

// By Guy Lawrence If you carry your mobile phone in your front pocket or bra strap, then watch this 2 minute video. This interview changed the way I look at mobile phones forever! You can watch the full interview here. If you were wondering what the ‘sock’ is in the video, click here. Do Read More…

2 Minute Gems: Making the most of what you got!

2 Minute Gems

// By Guy Lawrence In this 2 Minute Gem, Toby Morrison explains what his turning point was when at his lowest period in his life. Toby is an exceptionally positive person and tells us how he went on to turn his adversity into his passion… Simply inspiring & it will make you want to get Read More…

2 Minute Gems: Should we be eating fruit?

2 Minute Gems

Guy: Should we be eating fruit? In this 2 Minute Gem, best selling author of Sweet Poison, David Gillespie, explains his thoughts regarding fruit, what fruit we should eat if any, and how much. Watch the full interview here We also highly recommend David Gillespie’s best selling book – Sweet Poison. You can order it here Did you enjoy Read More…

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