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How To Lose Body Fat At Any Age


There are many reasons why we feel stuck with being overweight or feel unable to lose body fat, especially as we age. Perhaps you’ve been overweight for so many years, you simply accept that it’s a natural part of ageing and think they you’ll never change… We often hear people say they’ve tried ‘everything’ and Read More…

Announcement: Guy Is Stepping Down From 180 & What To Expect Moving Forward


Watch the full interview below or listen to the full episode on your iPhone HERE. Guy and Stu catch up for the last time together as Guy is stepping down from 180 Nutrition and the 180 podcast. In this episode Guy and Stu discuss what you can expect moving forward from both of them.   Audio Read More…

[Podcast] The Science, Struggles & Triumphs of Leukemia


Guy: This week’s episode was a bit of an impromptu podcast as I welcome back to the show Dave O’Brien. We are also joined by Josh Komen who share his journey with leukemia. I was at Dave’s facility in Melbourne hosting my workshop “Let It In’ and thought it would be great to get these Read More…

Why You Should Have A Smoothie Everyday


We live in a fast paced world that demands us to be on the go. Smoothies have made life easier. They are a natural quick fix meal and snack alternative. The 180 smoothie is what you need in your busy day to day life. With the limitless benefits that they offer they are the ideal Read More…

Top 5 Meal Replacement Smoothies for Natural Weight Loss


So many diets leave you feeling ultimately defeated! Are you having trouble finding meal replacement shakes that will help you lose weight naturally and keep you full throughout the day? Here at 180 Nutrition we have made it our goal to help people lose weight whether you are a fitness fanatic, stay at home mum Read More…

Top 5 Benefits of Organic Vanilla Power


Maintaining a well balanced and healthy lifestyle requires planning in advance and being particular about what you eat. But, eating the same foods over and over again can get boring. Boredom can make a person stray away from what they know to be good and true. However, a pantry that is stocked with smart and Read More…

Organic Madagascan Vanilla Powder


Like many people, my husband and I got fed up with our lifestyle. He stays busy as an account executive and spends long hours in the office. I have the luxury of working my graphics design business from home; however, I did not feel any more energetic than he did. We sat down one rare Read More…

Top 5 Benefits of Organic Cacao Powder


There has been an increased demand for organic cacao powder over the last couple of years. This has been credited to the health benefits that this powder which has been christened the phrase “super food of the Gods” has. It is worth noting that the powder in its organic form has many benefits to the Read More…

5 Benefits Of Using Green Superpowder Food


If you want a simple way to help improve your daily wellness, then try adding a Green Superfood Powder to your diet. There are certainly many potential benefits by bringing it into your regimen. Below is a list of some of the fantastic benefits it can offer by including it your diet every day: 1. Makes It Easier For You Read More…

Does Your Diet Plan For Weight Loss Work?


Modern diet trends have turned into a booming, thriving business. It is estimated that close to 45 million Americans find a new diet plan for weight loss each year. Yet, more than 68 percent are overweight or obese. Though the diet trends seem to be expanding, it seems that occurrences of heart disease, cancer and Read More…

Transform Your Life With A Healthy Eating Plan


Maybe you looked in the mirror and realised that as the calendar pages flew by, so did your regard for a healthy diet. Maybe you have been aware of your less than healthy habits for some time now but have yet to take the step in the right direction to remedy it. Whether you want Read More…

Diet Plan For Weight Loss


Are you someone who as tried every diet plan for weight loss under the sun, but with no success? Then maybe a new long term approach is needed to help and your weight loss efforts improve your health. We have a mantra we love to use; JERF. Just Eat Real Food. When you leave packaged Read More…

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